Incarceration Nation

It’s important for Criminal Justice Degree students to understand the intricacies of how the judicial system works. And a big part of the judicial system is incarceration, but in the United States, incarceration has become a huge and growing problem. Since the 1970s, the US population has grown 33 percent, but the incarcerated population has increased by a whopping 350 percent and the impact to our society should be a concern for everyone. Not only is the government spending more money to keep prisoners in jail, but the rise in incarceration has made it more difficult for people to even graduate from high school.

While other sectors of the government are in dire need of funds, a large amount of tax money is being spent by the government to keep non-violent prisoners in jail. This infographic will show just how much money the US uses to keep prison rates high instead of trying to keep graduation rate high.

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